Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stopover in Rhodes

We had been forewarned that we would not be able to wash aboard and on Monday we all went out an purchased baby wipes plus other supplies.

We boarded the passenger boat, the Sfendoni, at noon Tuesday. Boat decorated w/flags. I had brought an American flag which was put at the front of the boat below the Palestinian flag which was below the EU flag.

The 54 passengers on this boat alone are from over a dozen countries (flotilla overall from between 30 and 40). Two doctors. There are also journalists on board, including Abbas Nasser (al Jazeera) who heroically covered the 2006 invasion of Lebanon. No American journalists.

We waited and waited at the dock. I started taking bets as to when we actually would leave. I collected 12 euros.

We finally left Piraes at 8:43pm on Tuesday evening (after having moved once for the Greek authorities to check the passports of all the passengers).

By morning all three flags were down & the A-flag was missing. Either the wind had torn it off overnight or someone on the boat was unhappy with it, just the flag. All are very happy to have FPM folks on board.

At around 10:30am we met up with the Greek cargo ship, the Free Mediterranean. We waved & chanted Free Palestine & Free Gaza to each other. It was thrilling!!!

So far as I know no one has gotten seasick (the waters are very calm).

We docked in Rhodes at 7:30pm Wednesday, stayed overnight. Showers, yay!. Today is Thursday and we will be leaving shortly for the long haul.

That's all I have time for now.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We're off and running..

...rowing, I mean swimming. Actually about 40-50 people from various groups have gathered at the Sfendoni passenger boat in Piraes. It's 1:15pm Athens time. Paul, Ed, Joe, Gene and myself, the Free Palestine Movement 5, are all here. Jan and Samy are here to see us off.

We will be boarding in about half an hour and off to sea 2:30-ish.

First stop Rhodes.

Then off to the meeting place of all vessels somewhere in the Mediterranean.

Then off to Gaza.

~ Janet

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Welcome to the "Digital Ship"

This website is an effort to unite all channels of communication and support for the Freedom Flotilla initiative.

In this single page you can track, in a single visit, our Twitter and Facebook posts, our Youtube uploads and watch our webTV channel on Livestream. You can also participate in live discussion via the channel's live chat.

Thank you very much for your interest and participation. Our mission could never be accomplished without your support.

Watch live streaming video from shiptogaza at
Watch live streaming video from shiptogaza at